Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another Tag!

So, You're probably wondering why in the world I posted a picture of
Buster and a Llama. Well, there is a reason.
It's for a new "game" of "tag"....
This is what you do:
Go into your pictures folder on your computer.
Find the 5th folder.
Find the 5th picture in the folder, and no matter
what it is, post it in a new blog.
Tag someone else!
So, I guess I'll also post a little info about the picture that I posted.
It's from family camping, 2007.
Every summer, we go camping along with my mom and step dad,
and my sister and her family.
They have a few animals fenced in by the playground and Buster was
really interested in the Llama.
Now, I tag Rachael!! :)

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