Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just an update on us

"...As for Me and My House We Will Serve the Lord." (Joshua 24:15)
I just wanted to take a few minutes to update everyone on how our lives are going.
Nick is still working for Swartley Brothers. He's been working outside lately, and it
has been really cold. Please pray for him so that he doesn't get sick. His 31st
birthday is Sunday.
Nicholas seems to be doing better in school this marking period. He also has
been riding his bike to the library every day. He enjoys feeling "grown up" by being allowed
to do that by himself.
Brittany is doing very well in school. I had her conference yesterday afternoon.
Her teacher, however, believes that she is a quiet girl. I think we need to
invite her to our house for an afternoon!
I'm still working at Old Navy. I work two to three days a week.
I've been trying to catch up/ keep up with the housework on the days that I
am off. I haven't been very successful.
Buster is doing good. The cats are well. All five of the kittens are alive and healthy.
They are now three weeks old, and becoming more active.
We found a church that we are going to join. We've been going for almost a month now and
we really enjoy the services and music.
The kids enjoy the youth classes as well.
We have started reading a chapter of the Bible at home each night, along with our regular Bible stories.
The kids really seem to be enjoying it. I know that I am. :)
By the way, it is absolutely freezing outside!
I just came in from the bus stop and I'm starting to slowly thaw out. lol.
According to the weather channel, it is 27° out, but feels like 18°.
Now, That's cold!!
Well, that's all for now. I'll be sure to post again soon.

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