Monday, November 24, 2008

Movie Review Monday

Starring Jay Mohr, Daphne Zuniga, and David Millbern.

This is a 1996 made for TV movie.

So, basically, Jay Mohr seems to be the worst dad in the world.
He shows up late for Christmas with his ex in-laws and brings a girly easy bake oven as a present for his son. He doesn't get along with his ex in-laws, except for the grandmother.
He doesn't like his ex-wife's new boyfriend, and he pretty much hates Christmas.
He ends up reliving the day, over and over. Each time he does different things until he ultimately gets it right and he gets back together with his ex-wife.
I really like this movie.
Just in case you've never seen it,
it's going to be on ABC Family on 11/27 at 12 pm.

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Rachael Mory said...

I'll have to watch it :)