Monday, December 8, 2008

Movie Review Monday

For this week's movie review, I chose "A Christmas story".
This movie is so bad, it's good. lol. I watch it every year
(along with a bunch of others.)
TBS runs marathon of "A Christmas story" from midnight Christmas Eve, to 6 pm Christmas day. The first time that I ever saw
"A Christmas story" was at my husband's grandma's house
on Christmas Eve. Almost everyone that I know hates this movie. lol.
Here's a summary :
In A Christmas Story a young boy named Ralphie wanted a Red Rider BB gun more than anything. He told everyone in a postition to help him of this great gift he wanted. He wrote an essay for his school teacher about what he wanted for Christmas and received a C+. Every time that he told someone about his desire to own a red rider bb gun, he heard, "you'll shoot your eye out" Even his teacher wrote the comment on his paper. Ralphie even went straight to the big guy himself, with his request. In a shopping mall he waited in line for hours to ask Santa for the gun. When Santa asked what he wanted for Christmas, he froze unable to speak or respond. Santa asked if he wanted a football and young Ralphie nodded.Then he made his way to the slide to go back down to his parents. Realizing his error, Ralphie headed back up the slide to see Santa again. He tells Santa of the great Red Rider BB gun as quickly as possible. Santa responds "You'll shoot your eye out." Then mall santa said ho ho ho and placed his boot on Ralphie's face and pushed him down the slide. Lots of funny things happen during the movie. Ralphie gets in trouble for cursing, and blames it on his friend, which of course causes his mom to call the other mom. You can hear her on the other end... "What? What? stomp, stomp, stomp, smack!" He also dares a friend to put his tongue on a pole, which gets stuck, and he gets in a fight with a bully. On Christmas Day, he gets his Red Rider bb gun, brakes his glasses, and eats Christmas dinner at a Chinese Restaurant. ("Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra!!")
Here are a few scenes from the movie.

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