Sunday, March 22, 2009

We HAD to go see the Penguins at the LVZ!

So, last June we bought a membership to the Lehigh Valley Zoo.
We recently found out that they now have African Penguins, and we just had to go see them!
So, we invited my sister & her family to go, and took a trip up to Trexler after church.

Brittany & my niece, Melanie, thought the Penguins were so cute.

We were there for feeding time. They really love minnows & herring.

We learned a lot of neat information about Penguins today.
Did you know?
-They have pink glands above their eyes.
The hotter the penguin gets, the more blood is sent to these glands so it
may be cooled by the surrounding air, thus making the glands more pink. If it's
pale, there's less blood flow to the gland and they try to warm up.
-There is a salt-water gland that is situated in the head; this purifies the salt water that the penguin drinks, and secrets it out later, making them look as if their nose is running.
-A transparent film moves over the eyes the moment the penguin dives.
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If you get a chance, be sure to visit the Lehigh Valley Zoo, and check out
the African Penguins. (And all of the other animals!)

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