Monday, August 31, 2009

Well, it happened... I'm now 29 + 1!!

I guess it was inevitable....
I wasn't going to be in my 20's forever.
I had the same reaction everyone else has when they turn 3-0... I cried all day.
It was actually a very nice birthday, though (aside from all of the crying!)
Nick and the kids had a homemade cake for me
a few days before my birthday. Then on the actual day, My brother surprised me with a
cake that he bought. :)
Now the gifts (totally unnecessary, but greatly appreciated. lol)
My sister got me a Willow Tree Angel & a Yankee candle. (She knows me SO well!!)
My Mom gave me a photo frame, a prayer journal with a cross necklace &
a Martha Stewart DVD.
My brother gave me $20 (Which I used to buy pizza for dinner at his house! LOL!)
My Aunt Lucy gave me $10. Brittany drew a card and made me a picture. (I LOVE homemade gifts!) Nicholas used a gift card that he got for Christmas to buy me earrings. (What a sweetie! Using something he got for himself to get something for me. I feel bad! I guess I do feel a bit proud, however that he has learned to put others before himself.) And last, but not least, Nick gave me an ipod. :)
I guess turning 30 isn't soooo bad. Except for everyone teasing me, and my kids now telling me that I'm so old that I helped invent the wheel. I guess that was inevitable, too!!

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