Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Family (Halloween) Camping 2009

The gang all ready to go!
My baby & I.

This time, the guys cooked breakfast Saturday morning. :)

It was so weird having the guys cook on Saturday instead of us. :)

Brittany & her friend carving their pumpkin.
Nicholas carving his pumpkin.

The kids all dressed up for trick or treating!
(l-r: front row: Hailey as Tinkerbell, Melanie as Belle, Petey as Batman & Nicholas as a big fat personal trainer. Back row: Valerie as Hannah Montana, Brittany as a princess, Mackenzi as a princess & Will as an old baseball player.)

l-r: Me, my Mom & Rachael

"The Guys" lol. L-R: Dave, Nick, Nicholas & Bup.

The whole gang (except Pj & the kids- they had to leave early to go watch football.)

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