Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Color sorting and Painting with M & M's

We like to sort things by color to help K learn her
colors. Today, we chose M & M's. :) I cut circles out of
construction paper to match the colors of the m & m's and taped
them to the bottom of our small clear cups that we use for everything.

 Then she sorted them. I was surprised how easy this was for her.
Then I remembered something that happened a few weeks ago.
K had a few m's on a paper plate outside and it started raining. When it rained,
the colors started coming off of the m's onto the paper plate. Which gave me this idea...
Add water to the m's and see if we could paint with the colors! 
So, after she was done sorting, we added a little water. (Just enough to cover the m's.)
Then we stirred them all up.

And we got this really pretty "paint"!

And here is what the "paint" looks like on paper!
We will definitely be doing this again!!

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