Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tapioca... not just for eating!

I had a box of minute tapioca in the cupboard that I knew I wasn't going to use
because we had just bought a new box, and this one was in there a while.
I almost threw it away, but then I thought.. could we play with it?
Sure, why not give it a try?
So I poured a little into 4 small cups, added food color and just a bit of water.
This is what we got....
it's bumpy, moldable (but pretty stiff) and fun to play with.

It kind of reminded me of floam... kind of.

We added a bit more water to it, but it was pretty set,
so it didn't really change much. She squashed it with her mini
toy bunny.

She had fun burying her little bunny in balls of it and pulling the
balls apart to get her bunny out.

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