Saturday, May 25, 2013

B's 15th birthday redneck/white trash bash!

My peanut is turning 15!! For her party this year,
she wanted a redneck/white trash bash. I think we did pretty good! :)
Kiddie pools for coolers... notice the location, right in front of the garbage cans.

We asked everyone to dress redneck for the event!

this is class right here. trash bag table clothes held on with "duck tape" and vases
made from dented cans.

let's not forget to hang out the laundry!

only the best gift wrap, walmart bags and "Duck tape"

Lovely centerpieces... fly swatters in baked bean cans

Keep drivin'! This ain't no yard sale!

the front yard.. you should've seen the way all of my
neighbors looked as they drove by... haha!!

gotta love it


hot dogs, baked beans, tater tots, beef jerky, slim jims,
spam and chili cheese dip.

 twinkies and other tasty cakes, cheese balls, spray cheese and crackers,
pork rinds, ketchup fries...
My gorgeous husband manning the grill

the birthday girl, chugging a root beer, waiting for cake.

Happy 15th Birthday Brittany!!

B and all of her friends.

My little one loved the candy cigarettes.
However, I don't think I should have told her they were called
candy cigarettes, because the rest of the day she was walking around saying
"where's my cigarettes?" (Great Mom moment.)

lights I 'made'. Just cut an x in the bottom of the cups and slide over
Christmas lights. :)

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