Saturday, May 11, 2013

Water beads in the pool!

We play with water beads almost every day, and there really are endless ways
and places to use them. Today, we decided to put them in the kiddie pool!
 Walking on the water beads before adding water. They were squishy and
bounced out of the pool, all over the ground when she jumped! (She found this hysterical, by the way.)
Adding water to the kiddie pool with the water beads

The water beads looked really neat once the pool was full.
They were no longer slippery once the water was added.

We were expecting a storm that evening, so we dumped the pool -
water beads and all - in the grass.

She liked walking in the water beads in the grass as well.
What about you?  What are some new ways that YOU'VE played with
water beads lately?

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