Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Baking Soda & Vinegar Ice experiment

We did a little baking soda & vinegar experimenting today.
To start off, I mixed some red food dye with vinegar and filled
one side of our ice tray. Then, I mixed a little water & blue food dye with baking soda,
and spooned it into the other side.
Freeze overnight.

I put some baking soda on a plate, and she added a vinegar cube.
 We let it sit & melt, but nothing happened.

Then she dropped a baking soda cube in a small bowl of vinegar.
This one worked. It fizzed up & dissolved the cube.

Our last try was to put one cube of each in a small bowl to
see if there would be a reaction as they melted. Nothing happened.
We ended up pouring a little vinegar in and that caused the typical reaction.
Even though not all of these worked, they
were still Lots of fun.

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