Friday, June 14, 2013

Strawberry Jam!

Today we made strawberry jam with the strawberries
that we picked at the farm.
(Recipe at the bottom of this post.)

K mashing the berries

B mashing the berries

K putting the lids in the pot to boil

K mixing pectin and sugar

K mixing the jam

B mixing the jam

let it boil for one minute

Tada! Homemade strawberry jam. :)

Listening for the beautiful "pop" letting me know that
the jars have sealed. :)
Strawberry Jam
- 6 cups crushed strawberries
- 4.5 cups sugar
- 3 TBS light pectin
- large pot for boiling jam
- small pot for boiling lids
- dish towel
- oven mitt or pot holder
- wooden spoon
- heat proof measuring cup with funnel
- 8 half pint jars with lids
- jar funnel
- magnet stick to pick lids up out of water
Wash all of your jars and place them in the oven set at 250. This sterilizes
the jars as well as making them ready for the hot jam to be poured into them.
Wash and hull strawberries. Put in a bowl and crush with a potato masher or pulse in
a food crusher. Pour into a large pot. Mix pectin with 1/4 cup of sugar. Stir pectin and
sugar mixture into berries, and bring to a boil over high heat.
Add the rest of the sugar. Stir and return to a hard boil for one minute.
Remove from heat after one minute. Skim the top, removing any pieces of
berry or foam. Boil lids for one minute to sterilize. Take jars out of the oven,
and place onto the dish towel. Pour the hot jam into the jars with a heat proof measuring
cup with a spout. Make sure the glass rims are clean and free from spills, or the jars won't seal.
Place the lids on and screw the rings on tightly.
That's it! Listen for the "pop" sound letting you know that the jars have sealed,
and you are done! :)

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