Saturday, August 30, 2014

Name recognition activities

We have done a few different name recognition activities.
First, I put wrote her name on a sheet of printer paper and
slipped it into a page protector. Then we made play dough "snakes"
to spell out her name.
Next I gave her cookie cutters that spelled out her name.
She had fun cutting out the letters and putting them in the correct order
to make her name.

We love Target's dollar zone. They have foam cut outs for every holiday.
I usually pick them up to use for different activities, such as math or
matching. In this photo, I wrote her name on the bunnies and mixed them up.
Then she put them in the correct order to spell out her name.

She really loves her letter magnets.
For this activity, I just wrote her name on a sheet of paper and
put it on the refrigerator with her magnets below it.
She spelled out her name, then asked me how to spell other words as well.

For the next activity, I wrote her name on a 3x5 index card, then the letters of her name on
clothes pins. This is not only good for name recognition, but for fine motor skills as well.

The last activity was simply writing her name on a sheet of paper,
and having her glue fruit loops on the outline.  (While eating a few, of course!)

As you can see, these activities are very simple, yet will help your child recognize their name!
Please share a link if you have done any name recognition activities!

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