Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Craft Time

Washcloth and soap fish
(to go along with the story of Jonah or the story Fishers of men.)
For this project you will need:
a washcloth
a rubber band
a piece of ribbon or yarn
a travel size bar of soap
some self-stick foam

Put the soap inside the washcloth.

Gather all of the corners together.

Put a rubber band around the gathered washcloth.

This makes the fish tail.

From self-stick foam, cut fins (or use already cut hearts). Cut Bigger eye circles out of white foam.

Punch black eyes out of foam with a 1/4 in. paper punch. Glue or stick the black eye part on the white eye part. You could also use the plastic google eyes, but keep in mind the age of the children using it. Cut out and stick on a mouth.

Next, put the eyes on your fish. Add the fins. Now tie a pretty ribbon or a piece of yarn over the rubber band.

There you have your fish!

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