Monday, November 17, 2008

Movie review Monday

Take a guess what my movie review is about this week?
If you guessed Elf, then you guessed right!
I love this movie. It is so funny.
So, Santa is visiting an orphanage one Christmas Eve, when a sneaky little
baby boy hides in Santa's bag.
He doesn't realize it until he is back at the workshop and the baby crawls out.
One of the elves volunteer to take him in and raise him as their own.
He names him Buddy. Buddy grows up being trained as an elf, only like 10x the size!
One day, he overhears other elves talking about how he's not really an elf, and gets all upset.
He asks his father about it, who tells him the entire story, and tells him who his real
father is. Buddy starts on his adventure to New York to find his real father, who
wants nothing to do with him. His wife lets Buddy come to live with them. Then the real adventure begins.
This movie gets five out of five stars from me. :)
Make sure to see it this holiday season.
Here are a few pictures of Buddy the "elf"

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Rachael Mory said...

:) this movie is really good :) Great choice.