Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday Tips

It's Tuesday again.
So, here are my Tuesday Tips.
~Clean as you go. Fill your sink with HOT, soapy water.
As you are cooking and using dishes, put them in the sink right away to soak.
This will cut your washing time WAY down.
~Keep a small scrub brush and stain pre-treater wherever you keep your
dirty laundry so that you know right where it is. This will help you fight those stains as
soon as you see them.
~When you take the trash out, don't just put one bag back in the can. Instead, line the
can with two or even three extra bags. You could also keep the entire roll or box of bags
in the bottom of the can.
~When you buy grapes or baby carrots, wash and sort them into snack sized bags that
you can just grab out of the refrigerator on the go. This also works for crackers, chips,
~Use a file box for all of your bills. Keep them in the front section for "to be paid" bills, and then
after they are paid, file them in the correct sections in the back.
That's all I have for now. I look forward to reading your tips. After all, who doesn't need
a little household help?? :)