Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Movie review

So, it's Monday.
That means 2 things. One, the weekend is over. Drats!
But it also means that it's time for my Monday movie review.
This week's movie is an older one, but the kids and I were watching it
the other day and I forgot how much I liked it. :)
So, for my movie review today, I chose Finding Nemo.
It's a cute story about a fish whose wife gets eaten by a barracuda, and only one little
damaged egg is left. He names the baby fish Nemo, and vows to always protect
him and love him. Then Nemo goes to school, ends up being captured by a dentist
in Austrailia and put into a fish tank. There are all kinds of adventures, and Nemo & his
dad make a few new friends. (My favorite is Dory!) In the end, Nemo is reunited with
his father, and his father decides that Nemo will be OK if he isn't with him all the time.
Here's a short clip from the movie from YouTube. Enjoy!

What movies have you seen lately? Give us a review!

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