Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday Tips

Today's tips are from www.3fatchicks.com
A fad diet recently made the rounds that promoted no Sugar, no Seconds, and no Snacking. The first two are up to you, but we recommend Snacking! Eating 3 meals and 2 snacks daily keeps your energy levels up and helps ensure you won’t overeat at your next meal. Snack, and snack wisely.
The next time you get a craving for a Mars or other candy bar, keep in mind that it will take an hour of power-walking to burn off the calories. Is it still worth it?
If you must purchase high fat foods for other family members, try to purchase small quantities, and freeze (or let someone hide) the excess amounts.
Replace your morning glass of fruit juice with a piece of fresh fruit to get the same amount of vitamins and minerals, plus a dose of hunger banishing fiber.
Grill your sandwich with nonstick cooking spray instead of oil or butter.
Many people don’t think of beverages as food. You can consume a lot of excess calories in your juice or latte without giving it much thought. Save several hundred calories per day by drinking your coffee black, or by drinking diet instead of regular soda. Forego juice and consume whole fruit. You’ll get the benefits of fiber and other nutrients that juice can’t always provide.
Always order your salad with the dressing on the side, then lightly dip your forkful as you go. The dressing is usually high in fats, but a little can go a long way.

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