Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Water Blob!!

This is seriously the coolest (no pun intended!) thing we have done so far!!
It's called a Water Blob! I've seen it on several different blogs
so we needed to try it!
What you need: Plastic sheeting, duct tape and a hose.
You can also add in food color (it will fade as the day goes on),
soft squishy toys and glitter. Here's the deal: spread out the plastic, fold over and
line up all sides. Duct tape the edges VERY well, leaving a small opening for the hose.
Fill with water, then either remove hose and close up hole with tape OR leave the hose in
and tape around it to seal. We left the hose in, that way if we sprung a leak the blob
would be able to stay full.

My daughters enjoying the coolness of the blob

fun to walk on

fun to jump on

Yes, we had to add shaving cream.
(We add shaving cream to everything!)

I had to share this picture, just because I think
it looks like they are having a standoff. lol.

Slipping and sliding all over the water blob!

My older daughter pulling my younger daughter around
the blob!

My girls and my niece really enjoyed the blob!
If you don't try anything else on my blog, you need to try this!!

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