Tuesday, September 2, 2014

All About Me theme

Our first theme of the "Mommy School" year is All about Me.
We talked about what color hair and eyes she has, how old she is, when
she was born and who she lives with.
Then I pulled out a mirror and dry erase markers and had her draw a
picture of herself - on the mirror! She thought this was just awesome.
(It's kind of funny to watch her draw. Even when she is smiling,
she draws a frown.)
The next thing I did was print this mirror template, and attached a piece of foil to it.
Then I had her look in the mirror, while drawing her face on the foil.
You can find the mirror template here.

Our last activity was talking about how everyone is different,
and everyone is special... just like our fingerprints! I traced her hand,
then helped her place her fingerprints on each finger.

Have you done any fun activities for the All about Me theme?
If so, share your link here! :)

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