Sunday, September 7, 2014

Don't forget to Play{ground}!

Little K is going to be 4 this Halloween, so I have started a bit more
structured "preschool" for her. We're working on letters, colors, numbers, etc...
Trying to be sure to have lots of different themes, working on a loose schedule.
I try to be sure that she has each subject daily: Math, Science, Reading, Sensory play, etc.
I'm sure lots of parents out there are doing the same thing right now.
However, as important as writing their names and knowing the ABCs are, lets
not forget one of THE MOST important part of the early years of childhood: PLAY!

Kids love to run, jump, hang, climb, swing and slide! It's built into them.
The funny thing is - they aren't JUST playing. They are growing. They are learning.
They are developing their muscles, and their minds and discovering their boundaries and skills.

Kids are only little once. These days, everyone is such a hurry to make them grow up.
Play is forgotten. It's old school. It doesn't teach them to read or recite math facts.
That's the point! A 3 or 4 year old child doesn't need to know those things. That is what
they have us for. They will learn it when they need to.

So, while planning your homeschool preschool time, don't forget to just
let them be kids. Let them run, swing and slide in the sunshine. Enjoy the giggles.
Let them Play.

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