Sunday, September 7, 2014

Don't forget to Play{ground}!

Little K is going to be 4 this Halloween, so I have started a bit more
structured "preschool" for her. We're working on letters, colors, numbers, etc...
Trying to be sure to have lots of different themes, working on a loose schedule.
I try to be sure that she has each subject daily: Math, Science, Reading, Sensory play, etc.
I'm sure lots of parents out there are doing the same thing right now.
However, as important as writing their names and knowing the ABCs are, lets
not forget one of THE MOST important part of the early years of childhood: PLAY!

Kids love to run, jump, hang, climb, swing and slide! It's built into them.
The funny thing is - they aren't JUST playing. They are growing. They are learning.
They are developing their muscles, and their minds and discovering their boundaries and skills.

Kids are only little once. These days, everyone is such a hurry to make them grow up.
Play is forgotten. It's old school. It doesn't teach them to read or recite math facts.
That's the point! A 3 or 4 year old child doesn't need to know those things. That is what
they have us for. They will learn it when they need to.

So, while planning your homeschool preschool time, don't forget to just
let them be kids. Let them run, swing and slide in the sunshine. Enjoy the giggles.
Let them Play.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

All About Me theme

Our first theme of the "Mommy School" year is All about Me.
We talked about what color hair and eyes she has, how old she is, when
she was born and who she lives with.
Then I pulled out a mirror and dry erase markers and had her draw a
picture of herself - on the mirror! She thought this was just awesome.
(It's kind of funny to watch her draw. Even when she is smiling,
she draws a frown.)
The next thing I did was print this mirror template, and attached a piece of foil to it.
Then I had her look in the mirror, while drawing her face on the foil.
You can find the mirror template here.

Our last activity was talking about how everyone is different,
and everyone is special... just like our fingerprints! I traced her hand,
then helped her place her fingerprints on each finger.

Have you done any fun activities for the All about Me theme?
If so, share your link here! :)

Apple theme

Apple Week!
This week's theme was APPLES and the letter A! So I put together a few
activities. First was our sensory bin. I filled it with split dry peas, then added in a few fake apples,
letter A magnets and blocks, and some red gems. She had fun scooping with measuring spoons,
and of course ended up getting her little princess dolls involved.
K is too young to know how to bob for apples, so I thought up
a different way for her to do it. I filled a tub
with water, threw in 2 different sizes of fake apples,
then also added in 2 real apples. Then I gave her tongs and let her go to it!

She really enjoyed this activity, throwing them back in and bobbing for them again
and again.
Next we made applesauce play dough. There wasn't really a recipe for this one.
We took about 2 TBS of applesauce, a LOT of cinnamon and added about 2 cups of flour and food color. Then when we took our walk, we gathered sticks and leaves to use for stems.

 The last activity I drew a tree with circles and had her put stones on the circles to make an apple tree.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Name recognition activities

We have done a few different name recognition activities.
First, I put wrote her name on a sheet of printer paper and
slipped it into a page protector. Then we made play dough "snakes"
to spell out her name.
Next I gave her cookie cutters that spelled out her name.
She had fun cutting out the letters and putting them in the correct order
to make her name.

We love Target's dollar zone. They have foam cut outs for every holiday.
I usually pick them up to use for different activities, such as math or
matching. In this photo, I wrote her name on the bunnies and mixed them up.
Then she put them in the correct order to spell out her name.

She really loves her letter magnets.
For this activity, I just wrote her name on a sheet of paper and
put it on the refrigerator with her magnets below it.
She spelled out her name, then asked me how to spell other words as well.

For the next activity, I wrote her name on a 3x5 index card, then the letters of her name on
clothes pins. This is not only good for name recognition, but for fine motor skills as well.

The last activity was simply writing her name on a sheet of paper,
and having her glue fruit loops on the outline.  (While eating a few, of course!)

As you can see, these activities are very simple, yet will help your child recognize their name!
Please share a link if you have done any name recognition activities!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It has been SO long since I've last posted!

We've been very busy since my last post, and hopefully I will have quite a few new posts coming soon! Ks 3rd birthday, Bs 16th and Ns 18th... Along with his graduation! Check back soon for new posts. :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Fall Bucket List!

I am already ready for Fall!! We made our Fall Bucket List today. I can't wait for September to get started!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Summer Bucket List

Here is our 2014 Summer Bucket List
Did you make one? Share your link!


Memorial Day/Patriotic crafts!

Here are some patriotic crafts we made for Memorial day. :)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Nature Paint outside

Today while we were getting ready to go outside to paint, I thought.. How can I make this more interesting for her? How can I expand on the outdoor painting experience? While gathering our paint and brushes, K grabbed her scissors and asked to cut. That's it! We brought her scissors out as well, and she cut grass, dandelions and lilacs. So we put her cuttings and some mud in cups and mixed them up with paint to creat Nature Paint. :) So simple and fun.


Friday, November 15, 2013