Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Live, Laugh, Love - a great (& meaningful) Phrase.

I have this phrase all over my house. LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE. So many people are in a rush... they plop their kids down in front of the tv so they can wash the dishes, shuck the corn, feed the pets, do the laundry, etc... They don't realize it, but they are forcing their children to miss out on lots of valuable learning time! You don't have to be sitting at the table
teaching them how to read and write 24 hours a day for them to learn - LIVING is learning! Even a very young child loves to "help" with chores like folding laundry. (Sure, you will need to refold it, but making them feel a part of your every day life is important.. and those times you would plop them in front of the tv are minutes of your child's life that you will never get back.) My 2 year old loves helping me put laundry in and starting the washer and dryer. We talk about what we're doing as we do it. She loves shucking corn, throwing food to the cows at my Mama's and gathering chicken eggs at my in-laws. She feeds our cat and guinea pig. She helps fold laundry and put it away. She loves to help me bake. Does it get a little messier than I'd like? Sure! But the messes won't be around forever.
One day she will be grown and I will be alone to do my baking and cleaning. I treasure the moments I have with her now. My son will be 18 in June and my other daughter will be 16 in May. We've made lots of memories and will make more, but I am so glad to have spent time with them while they were little. Every second counts. You hear it in songs and on tv, and some people just hear it and move on. But it is true. Every minute we are given in life is gold. Treat it that way. Remember that while we're so busy rushing around, our kids are learning, and growing. Take your time. Live life to the fullest, because at the end, all you have left are your memories.

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