Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Oh give thanks to the Lord; call upon his name;
make known his deeds among the peoples!
Sing to him, sing praises to him;
tell of all his wondrous works!
Psalm 105:1-2
This week's Thankful Thursday Letter is "D".
When I think of the letter D, and what I am thankful for,
it reminds me of the word "Dad".
First and Foremost, I am thankful for my "Dad", the Lord.
I can't wait for the day when I am in heaven with God, my father.
I am thankful for the time that I had with my birth dad.
He died when I was 12, and I still miss him. He will always have a place
in my heart. (pictured below)
I am thankful for Bupp, my step dad.
He took care of us, and still cares for us as if
we were his very own children. He is the only grandfather
(on my side) that my children have ever known, and they love him deeply.
(pictured below)

I am thankful for Nick, my children's dad.
He works hard to provide a home &
other things that our children need.
He is a wonderful father (& husband!)
(pictured below)

I am thankful for "Dad A." (haha, That's what I call him.)
He is my father in law. He is a great dad & Grandfather.
He had to have been a wonderful father to Nick growing up,
or Nick wouldn't have turned out as great as he did.
(pictured below)

So, basically, for my D, I am thankful to God for all of the "Dads" In my life.
What are YOU Thankful for?

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